Damian Burton


Damian started his working career as an officer in the Australian Army and then had a series of leadership roles in industrial businesses. Damian has owned The Fresh Produce Brothers since 2020 (in the thick of Covid!) and is committed to providing fantastic service to our customers.

Christoffer Persson

Senior Buyer

Chris’ main responsibility is to source top quality produce at the best possible prices. Chris has vast experience in wholesale fruit and vegetables, including working for Sweden’s largest wholesaler. Chris’ local experience includes working in the Perth Markets, being a key member of a growers cooperative and being a Buyer for Western Australia’s leading specialty fruit and vegetable store. We and our clients are able to benefit from Chris’ extensive relationship network and his unrelenting drive to provide exceptional service.

Adi Wirawan

Operations Supervisor

Adi is in charge of our warehouse teams as well as the coordination with our transport partners and directing our own drivers as they deliver directly to our Perth clients. Adi has extensive experience in the Perth/WA wholesale fruit and vegetables environment and is completely dedicated to ensuring we only send top quality produce. As our Operations Supervisor, Adi is very focussed on ensuring our people are safe and that we pack and prepare our delivery loads to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition to all our clients, especially our ones in remote and regional locations.